Passionate Representation for Discerning Buyers

A buyer’s agent is your fiduciary and advocate. They will search for your new home from multiple sources, and negotiate exclusively on your behalf.
New construction is the best way to get a new home with a modern design, endless customization options, a new home warranty and up to date energy efficiency and technology.
We offer a unique buy-renovate-sell process with project management and contractor screening for a more successful and less stressful project.

From Our Blog

  • Are you Safe Pool-Ready for Summer?

    If there is one constant about living in Southern California, it’s the presence of swimming pools in the yards of so many homes. On a hot summer day, does anything look more inviting than a dip in cool water? With summer being just around the corner, it’s time to get safe pool-savvy, and prepare for… [Continue Reading]

    Are you Safe Pool-Ready for Summer?
  • What Is Proposition 19?

    Nothing strikes fear and confusion into the hearts of California homeowners more than real estate taxes – and nothing is more confusing than the myriad of propositions and rules that govern property tax rates and portability. Now we have a new law that makes new changes to property taxes for certain residents – but what… [Continue Reading]

    What Is Proposition 19?
  • 7 Ways to Make a Space Feel Larger

    Need to create the sensation of more space in a home without knocking down a wall? Give these tips a try! Focus On The Vertical – You want to draw the eye upward to create the appearance of more space. Use tall furniture (bookshelves are a good choice), vertical shiplap or wallpaper with vertical stripes… [Continue Reading]

    7 Ways to Make a Space Feel Larger
  • How To Prepare Financially For A Natural Disaster

    Emergencies and disasters can happen at any time – are you prepared? Here are some action items you can take to prepare: Emergency Fund: Put money in a special savings account as an Emergency Fund to cover food, medicine, and lodging. Ideally it should provide for at least 1-2 week’s worth of expenses of at… [Continue Reading]

    How To Prepare Financially For A Natural Disaster
  • Tips For Low Stress Living

    Let’s face it, 2020 hasn’t exactly been a low-stress year. Our home should be one of the places we can retreat to and reduce the amount of stress we experience in our daily lives. Now with work and school happening at home, instead of in the office and in the classroom, along with boxes of… [Continue Reading]

    Tips For Low Stress Living